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The Baku Collection - Eurovision 2012 Azerbaijan

Ell and Nikki won the 2011 Eurovision songcontest for Azerbaijan so the 2012 contest is held in Baku, capital city of Azerbaijan.
Below is a rundown of all Azerbaijans entries so far with all the versions, releases and other vital info.

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Azerbaijan Eurovision Releases
2008  132 8   DAY AFTER DAY (english) " - elnur & samir (elnur hüseynov və samir cavadzadə)
    s1:  96  6   Bu da son - (azeri, original solo demo by Samir)                         has been available on the net
                     A 3rd English version was recorded with a live orchestra but still an older version was used at ESC.
                    1st promo is 1 version DVD w. info. A promo CD-rom with digital presentation has Eurovision version,
                      5 remixes (wave files), another instrumental and a ringtone.                      
                      Day after day - Djs Zebra & Art Vio Reactive House Mix
                      Day after day - Djs Zebra & Art Vio Reactive Radio Mix
                      Day after day - Djs Zebra & Art Vio Reactive Dub Mix
                      Day after day - Denis Gursky french mix    
                      Day after day - Denis Gursky dub mix

2009 207 3   ALWAYS (english) - aysel (teymurzadədir) & arash (labaf)  ESC edit only on Moscow 2009 CD
    s2: 180 2  Single version & Payami remix                              (SE: Warner WMS 5375722) & promo dvd
                     Always - original version                    has only been available on Warners YouTube channel.

2010 145  5   DRIP DROP (english) - safura (əlizadə) ""    ESC version on Oslo CD and various promos
    s2: 133 2   Drip drop  -radio version 3.42                          radio version on cds (Zaphire LC 23932/ZAP002)
                      Drip drop - balkan version with željko joksimović                                            on promo dvd
                      Drip drop - St Destiny remix ft Maverick
                      Drip Drop - Success remix ft Perez & Radomir                         both remixes on on promo dvd
                      Drip Drop reached the charts in Norway, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

2011 221 1   RUNNING SCARED (english) - ell / nikki (eldar qasımov & nigar camal)                 cds A,B,C
    s1: 122 2   Running scared - azzido da bass club pop remix                                                cds B,C
                      Running scared - azzido da bass radio pop remix                                               cds C                                                    
                      Running scared - acoustic                                                                                   cds A,B,C.
                                                             all above versions also on promo cds, 1-track promo's exist.  
                      Running Scared - Niclas Kings “In The Air” Club Extended                                  cds C
                      Running Scared - Niclas Kings “In The Air” Remix                                               cds C

                      Running Scared - Odd Remix Edit                                                                        cds C
                      Running Scared - Odd Remix Extended                                                               cds C
                      Running Scared - Adrian Sina Remix                                                                   cds C
                      Running Scared - Albert Kick & Jordi MB Radio Remix                                     digital only
                      Running Scared - Albert Kick & Jordi MB Extended Remix                               digital only
                      - cdsingle A: (DE: Polydor/Universal 0602527752921
                      - cdsingle B: (BE: ARS entertainment 060252775289-1)
                      - cdsingle C: (TR: Yeni Dünya Müzik 8693644011918 & RO: Roton 8693644011918)
                      - digital only remixes are issued on Blanco Y Negro records.

" = An earlier version / edit / demo has been available on the internet.

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