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3. Serbia - Nije Ljubav Stvar - Željko Joksimović

3 - 214 pts / 2 - 159 pts in semi 2
RTS, Serbian Television have selected Željko Joksimović (Жељко Јоксимовић) to represent the country at the next Eurovision Song Contest.
The song was presented on March 10 in a show titled Европска песма (Eurovision song)at RTS 1.

The song is titled Nije Ljubav Stvar (Није љубав ствар, It's not a matter of love), the English version of the song is titled Synonym.
A Russian version of is also recorded. Любовь не вещь can also be downloaded through Željko's website.

The first promo cds (top pic) features the original Serbian, English and Russian versions of the song.
All are credited to Željko Joksimović & Ad Hoc Orchestra, the same ensemble that featured on his 2004 entry. (RTS UCD EV12 Sokoj)

Update: The second promo, used in Baku has 7 tracks: Original*, English, Russian, Spanish, Symphonic, Ins. Summer mix 15 in 1 and Karaoke.

Baku Collection Frontpage

More versions and App
Update: Another fun instrumental version can be downloaded at Željko's website.
It's the Trubači / Brass band version recorded with the Dejan Petrović Big band.

An instrumental version with the RTS Symphonic Orchestra is recorded.
You can listen and download here at RTS
Another fun instrumental version titled the Summer Mix 15 in 1 can be watched and downloaded here at RTS

You can also download a free App for Iphone and Android so you can find out the latest news on Zeljko, listen to the versions of the Eurovision entry. More details here at RTS

Zeljko keeps on delivering. You can now also check out and download the Spanish version of Nije Ljubav Stvar, it is called Su Amor Me Vencio and is a duet with Samuel Cuenda. Cuenda was a contestant in the 2009 edition of Spanish talent show Operacion Triunfo. Get the song here.

Nije Ljubav Stvar / Није љубав ствар - Original Serbian version ♫
Synonym - English version
Lyubovʹ ne veshchʹ / Любовь не вещь - Russian version
Su Amor Me Vencio - Spanish version, duet with Samuel Cuenda.
- All four are at Zeljko's website
* Nije Ljubav Stvar / Није љубав ствар - second Serbian version
- on the 7 track promo, slightly different b-vox on the outtro
Nije Ljubav Stvar - Symphonic version instrumental
- with the RTS Symphonic Orchestra, at RTS website
Nije Ljubav Stvar - Summer mix 15 in 1 (instrumental)
- Download at RTS and ZJ website
Nije Ljubav Stvar - Karaoke
- at the official site's karaoke downloads

Željko Joksimović performed a version in Azerbaijani at the Sabina Babayeva party in Baku.

Netherlands: 88, -

links and sources:
Željko Joksimović website
RTS eurovision pages
Special thanks to Ana Marija Simonovic at RTS
Bearecords Eurovision shop: Željko JoksimovićJelena Tomašević and Hari Mata Hari.
Eurovision Collectors Guide: The 10.000 coverversions project.
Thanks to Nino.

Serbia's recent entries:
2011 - Nina
2010 - Milan Stanković
2009 - Marko Kon and Milaan

2004 Lane Moje
It's the second time for Željko Joksimović as a singer, in 2004 he represented Serbia-Montenegro with Lane Moje and ended 2nd behind Ruslana's Wild Dances.
He also composed two further entries. Lejla by Hari Mata Hari (ended 3rd for Bosnia-Hercegovina) and the 2008 Serbian home entry Oro for Jelena Tomašević (6th place).
Joksimović also co-hosted the 2008 contest in Belgrade.

Recorded versions of Željko Joksimovič 2004 entry Lane Moje.
Lane Moje - Eurovision version
- on Warner cdsingle 674961-2-5 and promo CD/DVD set
Lane Moje original version with less b-vox
- on official Eurovision 2004 Istanbul CD and RTS CD/MC Evropesma 2004
Goobye - English version
- on Warner cdsingle and promo CD/DVD set
Lane Moje - Eastern Mix by Alek
- on Warner cdsingle
Lane Moje - Transfusion mix by Dream Team
- on Warner cdsingle
Lane Moje - Live 2007
- on CD Live / Uživo iz Beogradske Arene (City Records)

Details from The Eurovision Collectors Guide and The Istanbul Collection (document)

Update: Lane Moje has been covered in Serbian, English, Croatian, Greek, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Turkish and Romanian. Here is a list of officially released coverversions that I know of. If you know any more, please let me know.
Maja (from Japan)- Serbian version
- digital release also avaliable on CD to order
Eroika (male vocal trio from Slovenia) - Goodbye (English)
- on CD Eroika (Nika records, 2007)
Vatrogasci - Croatian version
- on CD Poruke U Boci (2005)
Petros Imvrios - Kathe Avrio (Καθε Αυριο)
- on advance promo cds and album Kathe Avrio
Azis - Mila Moja Angel Moj - Bulgarian version       
- on CD Azis (Sunny Music, 2005) Azis was the wailing male backing vocalist at Bulgaria's 2006 entry
Nava Medina - Mal Ach Shomer - Hebrew version          
- on Various Artists Balkan Bazaar
Cansu Koç - Gözlerin -Turkish version         
- on CD Yaznılıl Mevsimi 9 Renk
Adrian Copilul Minune - Stau Si Plang In Fata Ta -Romanian version      
- on CD Provocarea Campionilor
Nelutu de la Brasow - Stau Si Plang In Fata Ta - Romanian  version     
- on CD Nelutu
David Michaeli - Damanaxe Sheni Saxe (დამანახე შენი სახე) - Georgian version           
- on CD Damanaxe Sheni Saxe
Trubaci Guca - Instrumental version
- on CD, details wanted      

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