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2. Russia - Party For Everybody - Buranovskie Babushki

2 - 259 pts / 1 - 152 in semi 1
Buranovskie Babushki (Бурановские бабушки, The Grandmothers from Buranovo) have won the Russian national final with the song Party For Everybody.
The song is written by Viktor Drobysh (Виктор Дробыш) with lyrics by the grannies themselves. It's in the Udmurt language with parts in English.

A new version is mixed for Eurovision, listen here at Rightsmusic youtube

Remix For Everybody - competition
Russian DFM radio have launched a Party For Everybody remix competition. You can enter by downloading the remix pack here at the DFM website. The kit has wave files of the seperate recording tracks, which is interesting even if you're not making your own remix.
All info is under the link Условия акции in Russian (use google translate) but I haven't studied it yet.
Update: The winner of the remix competition is DJ SLON

The Grannies are already making some money for their chrurch. Look at this commercial for Sprite.

2018 album Granddaughter
2018 version
A new version of Part can be found on the 2018 album  Внучка (Granddaughter), a digital release from 2018.

Sochi For Everybody Games
To support the 2014 Olympic winter games in Sochi Russia, the grannies have recorded a special version of their Eurovision entry titled Sochi For Everybody Games. You can listen here at their website.   Youtube

The Babuska's who hail from Buranovo, Udmurtia, Russia, made their Eurovision debut in 2010 when they finished third in the Russian final with Dlinnaja-dlinnaja Beresta I Kaka Sdelat Iz Neje Ajsjon (Длинная-длинная береста и как сделать из нее айшон)

A 10-track release is now available at Amazon digital
It features 10 version of the song:
1. Party For Everybody - Original Radio Edit
2. Party For Everybody - Official Eurovision 2012 DJ SLON Party Remix
3. Party For Everybody - DJ Karas Remix
4. Party For Everybody - Music People Deejays Remix
5. Party For Everybody - T.V.M. Remix - Radio Cut
6. Party For Everybody - Ed Mortel feat. Michel Nekoz
7. Party For Everybody - KJ AlGer Remix DFM
8. Party For Everybody - DJ Smash Remix
9. Party For Everybody - DJ Sanya JC Remix
10. Party For Everybody - Doberman Radio Edit
The same 10 tracks are on a promo cdsingle.
A 1-track promo is also issued

12"inch picture disc
A 12"inch vinyl picture disc was released by Mirumir records (Мирумир)
It features the same 10 mixes as on the digital release and promo cd.
It may have been released in 2012, but I think it may be later.
(Mirumir MIR100364)

Party For Everybody - Eurovision version 
- on Baku 2012 CD
Party For Everybody - Original version
- has been on the net
Party For Everybody - Karaoke version
Plus the remixes above
There also was an early remix but I don't know if it is any of the mixes on the 10-track promo.
Party For Everybody (new recording 2018)
- album Внучка (Granddaughter)  (digital 2018)

Belgium (Flanders) top 50: 37, 50, -
Sweden top 60: 45, 43, -
Ireland top 100: 61, -
Austria top 75: 38, -
Germany top 100: 44, -

Baku Collection Frontpage

Russia selected their entry through a preselection organised by RTR, Russia's second national channel, on March 7.
The list of artists is here.
A few Eurovision names were: Polina Smolova (Паліна Смолава) who represented Belarus with Mum in 2006 and there 2008 winner Dima Bilan (Дима Билан) in duet with half t.A.T.u. Julya Volkova (Юля Волкова) but they were no match for the grannie power.

links and sources
Buranovskiye Babushki website
Thanks to Lior and to Michel-Pierre

Russia's recent entries
2011 - Alex Sparrow / Alexey Vorobyov
2010 - Peter Nalitch
2009 - Anastasia Prikhodko

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