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13. Macedonia - Crno i Belo - Kaliopi

13 - 71 pts / 09 - 53 pts in semi 2

MKRTV decided on Kaliopi (Bukle, Калиопи Букле) to represent Macedonia (f.y.r.) in the Baku contest.
The song for Baku is Crno i Belo (Black and white) which is written by Romeo Grill and Kaliopi herself.

You can download Crno I Belo and the English version Black And White
A promo has been issued with the original and English versions. (MRT promo Kaliopi)

A Russian version of Kaliopi's Eurovision song is now available for download at Kaliopi's website. It's titled Chernyĭ I Belyĭ (Черный И Белый)

A remix of Crno I Belo has been released too. It has been available at but is no longer.

Crno i Belo - Original version ♫
Black And White - English version
- both on promo cds and Kaliopi's website
Chernyĭ I Belyĭ /Черный И Белый - Russian version
- at Kaliopi's website
Crno i Belo - Remix
- all are available to download at MMM

Baku Collection Frontpage

Kaliopi is not new to Eurovision, but we have not seen her on the Eurovision stage yet.
In 1996 she was selected to be the first singer for Macedonia in Eurovision with Samo Ti, but she didn't make it to the final *

Kaliopi, one of Macedonia's biggest stars, recorded 11 albums since she started in 1986 with her band Kaliopi and has had over 30 hit songs.
The Skopje Fest (Скопје Фест), responsible for delivering most Macedonian entries, will still go ahead, but has been seperated from the choice for  Eurovision.

Kaliopi was also known as Kaliopi Grill when she won the 1996 Skopje festival. (she was married to composer Romeo Grill at the time).
Two studio recordings of the never to be Eurovision entry are known, but no single was released at the time.
The original version of Samo Ti is a version with an orchestra, the second and most known version is one with a smaller combo (known as the Piano Intro version)
This second version was released on a now hard to find fanclub CD 5 Aus 96 with some rare 1996 entries (Weber verlag WV ESC 0000103). This year the same version of  Samo Ti was re-released on a compilation CD Skopje 2011 with all past Skopje winners and the songs of 2011 (see here for more details). Samo Ti has never been released on any Kaliopi album.

Skopje fest and latest album
Kaliopi's first flirtation with Eurovision was in 1987 when the band finished 10th in the national final of Yugoslavia in 1987 with the song Emanuel.
In 1996 she won Skopje (solo) with Samo Ti.
In 1998 Kaliopi entered the Skopje fest with Ne Zaboravaj (Don't forget) and ended 9th.
In 2006 she finished 6th with Silna.
In 2009 she participated with Rum Dum Dum, a duet with Naum Petreski. The song became the runner up to the winners Next Time,  just one point short.

Kaliopi's most recent album is Poraka (Порака, Message) from 2010, which she released in a Macedonian version out on Kaliopi Music Productions and a Serbian version Poruka, out on City records.
A Best Of album was released in 2007.

links and sources:
Eurovision Collectors Guide
Kaliopi website (in Macedonian and English)
Skopje 2011 at Bearecords
National Finals Homepage
Yu4You sells some Kaliopi CDs
Kaliopi at BeaRecords

 * In 1996 an internal qualifying round was held with all songs (except the host nation) to bring the field down to a managable number. Macedonia was one of the seven countries that didn't make it to the Oslo final along with Russia, Israel, Denmark, Hungary, Germany and Romania.

Macedonia's other recent Eurovision entries:
2011 - Vlatko Ilievski
2010 - Gjoko Taneski + Billy Sver
2009 - Next Time

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