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Georgia - I'm A Joker - Anri Joxandze

14 - 36 pts in semi 2

Georgia chose Anri Joxadze (ანრი ჯოხაძე) for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. The song is I'm A Joker, written by Ruzudan Chkhaizde and Bibi Kvashadze.

The song is produced by Giga Kukhianidze who also was the man behind the Junior Eurovision Song Contest winners Bzikebi (2008) and Candy (2011). Anri will be joined on stage by his sister Magda (მაგდა ჯოხაძე), Veriko Turashvili, Nino Dzotsenidze and Nini Sermadini.

New version:
Update: A third version, the Final version, is now uploaded to Eurovision Georgia. It keeps the Georgian intro and some more dancy bits are added. Watch the new version here.
An earlier revamped version was already unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses. It has an intro sung in Georgian.

A promo DVD is issued with the final Eurovision version, video only.

I'm A Joker - Final Eurovision version
- at Eurovision Georgia, on promo DVD (as video only)
I'm A Joker - First Eurovision version ♫
- on the official album
I'm A Joker - Original version (without Georgian sung intro)
- has been at the Eurovision Georgia website

Baku Collection Frontpage

You can listen to the original version here at Eurovision Georgia. The other national final songs are also still there, the winning song is the last song on the page.

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Eurovision Georgia
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