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Finland - När Jag Blundar - Pernilla

12 - 41 pts in semi 1

Pernilla represents Finland in the Baku contest with the Swedish language song När Jag Blundar( When I Close My Eyes).

Pernilla (Pernilla Karlsson) won the Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu with the song written by Jonas Karlsson, Pernillas brother and member of rap outfit Elokuu.

You can listen to first version of the song the song here at YLE. A live version from the club-concert stage of the competition is here at YLE.

The song has already been releasesd on the UMK CD (see below). The version that appears on the official Baku 2012 CD is a shorter edit with the intro cut. No cdsingle or promo was released.

När Jag Blundar - new version, Eurovision edit (3.00) ♫
- on Baku 2012 CD
När Jag Blundar - new version (3.13)
- on CD UMK 2012
När Jag Blundar - first version (3.20)
- on YLE website
När Jag Blundar - karaoke version (3.00)
- downloads

Swedish is an official language in Finland, spoken by around 5% of the population. It is the 2nd time in Eurovision history that the country is represented with a song in Swedish. The first time was in 1990 when the group Beat entered with the song Fri.

Baku Collection Frontpage

Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu  (New music competition) is a new format for YLE.
A selection of 40 songs is still online, 12 songs were picked by a jury and a later stage 8 were picked for a live tour. 6 of them were chosen to perform in the final on Februari 25.
The selection this year only features new artists.

Six songs remained for the Finnish final.
We are the night - Iconcrash
Habits of human beings - Kaisa Vala
Antaa mennä - Mica Ikonen
När jag blundar - Pernilla Karlsson*
Laululeija - Stig*
Lasikaupunki - Ville Eetvartti*
* went to the ultimate final.

40 songs in the 2012 Finnish selection are still available for listening at YLE.

There is also a CD release. The CD Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu 2012 is released by Fried Musik / Warner on Februari 1.  (5053105074624)
The album has the 12 songs chosen by the juries to proceed.
All 12 have been re-recorded and the new versions are the ones included on the album.

links and sources
YLE UMK / Eurovision pages
Or listen to the finalists here
BeaRecords sells the UMK CD
Thanks to Lior

Finlands recent entries:
2011 - Paradise Oskar
2010 - Kuunkuiskaajat
2009 - Waldo's People

Baku Collection Frontpage

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