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11. Moldova - Lăutar - Pasha Parfeny

11 - 81 pts / 5 - 100 pts in semi 1

O Melodie Pentru Europa winner Pasha Parfeny represented Moldova with the song Lăutar (fiddler, musician). The song is written by Pavel Parfeny (=Pasha) and Alex Brașoveanu. The song is in English.

You can listen to the song here at TRM

Lăutar - Eurovision version ♫
Lăutar - Alex Calancea version
- both on promo cds
Lăutar - Original
- Original as available on the TRM website
Lăutar - Karaoke
- download shop

Update: The promo cd has two versions of Lăutar, seven other tracks.

1. Lăutar
2. Lăutar - Alex Calancea version
3. Dorule (2011 Moldovan final)
4. No crime
5. You should like (2010 Moldovan final)
6. Be yourself
7. In your eyes (Sunstroke Project ft. Pasha Parfeny)
8. Summer (Sunstroke Project ft. Pasha Parfeny)
9. Tu nu vezi cerul

Also has bio's, video and photos.

Fourth time lucky
Lăutar is the fourth effort for Parfeny in the Moldovan selection.
In 2007 he didn´t make it past the national semi´s as Pavel Parfeny with Steaua Mea (My star).
In 2010 You Should Like did much better, he ended 2nd in the final. In 2011 he performed Dorule and ended third.
Pasha Parfeny is a former singer of the Sunstroke Project but had already left the band when they entered Eurovision in 2010.
Pascha Parfeny / Parfeni a.k.a Паша Парфений performs and records in Romanian, Russian and English.
His most recent hit (2011) Vishni Krishni (Выше Крыши) is released on Sense Music.

Baku Collection Frontpage

For composer Alex (Alexandru) Braşoveanu Lăutar is the second Eurovision entry. He wrote the music for Fight, the 2007 Moldovan ESC entry sung by Natalia Barbu (10th place)

O Melodie Pentru Europa
TRM uploaded the songs sent in for the 2012 selection of Moldova.
21 songs were selected for the national final, you can still listen to the finalists here.
You can still listen to all 85 submitted songs here.

Among the 85 entrants there were some previous Moldovan Eurovision singers: Olia Tira and the Sunstroke Project (2010), Nelly Ciobanu (2009) and Geta Burlacu (2007).
Nelly Ciobanu and Geta Burlacu made it to the final, but the Nelly Ciobanu song was withdrawn.
Eurovision songwriting legends Ralph Siegel and John O'Flyn (Bernd Meinunger) wrote Save A Little Sunshine for Irina Tarasiuc şi MC Gootsa which also made it to the final. All other songwriters are either Moldovan or Romanian.

links and sources:
Pascha Parfeny Reverbnation

Find out more about Moldova's recent Eurovision stars.
2011 - Zdob Si Zdub

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