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Croatia - Nebo - Nina Badrić

12 - 42 pts in semi 2

Nina Badrić represented Croatia in the Baku Eurovision Song Contest.
She performed the song Nebo (Sky), which is also the title track of her last album.
Nebo is written by Nina Badrić herself.

The song has a new arrangement for Eurovision.
Watch the Eurovision version here.

A cdsingle with four versions of Nebo is issued. It features the following:
Nebo - Eurovision version
Nebo - Karaoke
Nebo - Instrumental
Nebo - The D'Knock and Kosta Radman Club Edit.
Nebo - Videoclip
The cdsingle is available at BeaRecords
(Aquarius records promo 03-12)

A second promo has a collection of remixes (Aquarius records CD Promo 02-12)
Nebo - D'Knock & Kosta Radman Club Edit
Nebo - Made In China Sequel
Nebo - P'eggy Club Mix
Nebo - Motiwo Nu Disco Mix
Nebo - Tomec&Grabber Mix
Nebo - P'eggy Sarcastique Mix
Nebo - Retrobeat Extended Mix
Nebo - Motiwo Flow Mix
Nebo - Made In China Radio Sequel
Nebo - Retrobeat Radio Mix

Aquarius Remix competition
A third promo will feature remixes from a competition you can participate in yourself.
You can find all details on how to participate here at You have until May 10 to send in your work. You can download the remix kit with all the necesary files.
Competition is over, You can now listen to 31 competition remixes at the Remix Electronica soundcloud. The winning remixes are:
Nebo - Clown Love Battlefield remix
Nebo - Przemyslaw Grzelak remix
Nebo - Bilbo 2012 remix
Nebo - Club mix by Zveki
Nebo - Matroda remix
Nebo - LuckyStars Extended remix
Nebo - Dafaq remix
Nebo - All The Woods remix
Update: The winning remixes have now been issued on a new promo cdsingle

Nebo - (new) Eurovision version ♫
- on cdsingle
Nebo - 'Eurovision version' (first released edit)*
- digital release
Nebo - Karaoke
Nebo - Instrumental
Nebo - The D'Knock and Kosta Radman Club Edit.
- Karaoke, instrumental and remix on cdsingle
Nebo - 2011 Album version*
- on the 2011 CD Nebo (Aquarius records CD 403-11 in Croatia / Hayat productions 244 in Bosnia-Hercegovina)
Nebo - 10 Remixes (see above)
Nebo - 31 Competition remixes (see above) of which 8 have been released on a promo cds.
* These two versions were first released as a digital single through Playcom (for UK), Amazon and other sources

Baku Collection Frontpage

Nina Badrić is a popular singer for almost 20 years. Her first big hit was Ja Za Ljubav Neću Moliti from the Split Song Festival in 1996.
She has released seven studio albums with the latest, NeBo being released November last year (on Aquarius records).

Nina Badrić entered the Croatian National Final (Dora) four times in the past.

 Nina Badrić at Dora
1993 Ostavljam Te (7th)
1994 Godine Nestvarne (10th)
1995 Odlaziš Zauvijek (19th)
2003 Čarobno Jutro (2nd)
Godine Nestvarne is also the title of Nina's debut album.

links and sources
Nina Badrić website
HRT news
Special thanks to Anđelko Preradović at Aquarius

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