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4. Azerbaijan - When The Music Dies - Sabina Babayeva

4 - 150 pts / not in semi

Eurovision 2012 host country Azerbaijan selected Sabina Babayeva (Səbinə Babayeva)
The multi week artist selection Milli Seçim Turu 2012 only selected the artist, the song When The Music Dies was presented on March 17.
Watch the official video here at Ictimai.

Sabina now has her own website at Eurovision talents, check it out here.
The song is written by Anders Bagge, Sandra Bjurman, Stefan Örn and Johan Kronlund.
Örn and Bjurman also wrote last years winner Running Scared with Iain Farquharsondur. Bagge, Bjurman and örn wrote Drip Drop for Safura, Azerbaijans 2010 entry that ended 5th.
Additional vocals on the song are by Alim Gasimov (Alim Qasimov) one of the most popular Mugam singers of Azerbaijan, who will also be appearing in the semi-finals intervals. 

You can listen to When The Music Dies here at the Sabine's Youtube.

More versions are uploaded to Sabina's Youtube. Here you can find the Azerbaijani version titled Gəl (Come) and here is an acoustic version.

Two remixes of When The Music Dies have been recorded. You can listen to (and download) the Synthy Pop version and the Disco remix here at Eurovision talents.

Another new version has been recorded. This time it's an ethnictake on the Azerbaijani version Gəl. It's produced by Yakhar Bakhish with Alim Qasimov, Ogtay Sherifov and Sarkhan vakhabov. Watch and listen here at Sabina's Youtube
A remix competition resulted in another remix now available. DJ Meel's version can be downloaded here at Eurovision talents
Another new version is a lovely jazz version of When The Music Dies. You can now listen and download at Sabina's Soundcloud.

Update: More remixes
Two remixes by Promostella are now available through digital shops.

A cd-rom promo was issued for use in Baku, it includes seven version of the Eurovision song

1. When The Music Dies - original version
2. When The Music Dies - acoustic version
3. When The Music Dies - ethnic version*
4. When The Music Dies - disco remix
5. When The Music Dies - Azerbaijani version*
6. When The Music Dies - Jazz version
7. When The Music Dies - Synthpop Remix
The disc also includes video, biographies and photos.
* Actually the same track appears twice, it's the Ethnic Azerbaijani version. The regular Azerbaijani version is not included on any release yet and has only been on the tube.
Thanks to Lior!

An earlier promo dsingle includes just one track, the original version of When The Music Dies.

When The Music Dies - Original Eurovision version ♫
When The Music Dies - Acoustic version
Gəl - Azerbaijani version
Gəl - Ethnic version in Azerbaijani.
When The Music Dies - Disco remix
When The Music Dies - Synthy Pop version
- remixes at Eurovision Talents
When The Music Dies - Jazz version
- Sabina's soundcloud
When The Music Dies - Karaoke
When The Music Dies - DJ Meel remix
- winner of remix competition, download it here at Sabina's ET site.
When The Music Dies - Promostella Radio short remix
When The Music Dies - Promostella Radio club remix
- Promostella's are digital releases

Baku Collection Frontpage

Afrikaans Coverversion
Wanneer Die Musiek Verdwyn by Colé Van Dais is a coverversion of the home entry. It's sung in Afrikaans. You can listen to Colé's version through her Reverbnation and it's also for sale at RhythmMusic store (South Africa).
Colé Van Dais has recorded several Eurovision coverversions recently. (search the web....)

Milli Seçim Turu 2012
The other four singers in the final were:
Elton Ibrahimov (Elton İbrahimov)
Arzu Ismailova (Arzu İsmayılova)
Fagan Sagarov (Fəqan Səfərov)
Orhan Kerimli (Orxan Kərimli)

Sabina Babayeva already tried in the 2011 selection, but then she stranded in one of the national semi's.

It's more or less the same procedure as last year, but then ITV chose two of the finalists to from a duo. The song was selected and announced at a later date.

links and sources
Ictimai TV
Eurovision Azerbaijan
Sabina Babayeva pages at Eurovision talents
Thanks to Rick
Thanks to STHLM MIX for the tip.

Azerbaijans recent entries
Read all about Azerbaijans four entries so far here at the Baku Collection or find out more about Ell and Nikki at the Düsseldorf Collection, Safura at the Oslo Collection and Aysel and Arash at the Moscow Collection.

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