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Portugal - Vida Minha - Filipa Sousa

13 - 39 pts in semi 2

Filipa Sousa won the The 48th Festival da Canção on March 10. The song is Vida Minha (My life) written by Andrej Babic and Carlos Coelho.

Filipa, born in Albufeira, was determined to live a life of music from a young age. From the age of 12 she began performing in all kinds of festivals and talent shows. At 16 she had won several amateur Fado contests and at 18 she entered the 2nd edition of TV talent show Operación Triunfo. She made it to the last 30.
In 2009 she toured in Canada and now she's going to Baku to represent Portugal at the 57th Eurovision Song Contest.

Vida Minha - Radio edit ♫
Vida Minha - Karaoke
Vida Minha - Instrumental
Vida Minha - Alternate karaoke
- the karaoke at iTunes and on the cdsingle have some different backing vocal lines (at 0.19 to 0.27)

The promo cds includes the Eurovision version (Radio edit) and a karaoke version. (RTP/TchaTchaTcha productions)
A digital single of Vida Minha is released through most digitessen with radio edit, (a) karaoke version and instrumental.

The Songsmiths:
Croatian Andrej Babic is a well known international Eurovision songwriter. Minha Vida is his second entry for Portugal.
He has (co)written 17 songs in total that made it to national finals of Portugal Croatia, Bosnia-Hercegovina, Slovenia, Serbia, Georgia and Switserland. Six became Eurovision entries.
2003 Croatia - Više Nisam Tvoja by Claudia Beni (15th)
2005 Bosnia-Hercegovina - Call Me by Feminnem (14th)
2007 Slovenia - Svet Z Juga by Alenka Gotar (15th)
2008 Portugal - Senhora Do Mar by Vânia Fernandes (13th)
2009 Slovenia - Love Symphony by Quartissimo and Martina (16th in semi)
2012 Portugal - Vida Minha by Filipa Sousa
Carlos Coelho
Minha Vida is the second Portuguese entry for Coelho after 2008's Senhora Do Mar. He wrote several preselection songs with Andrej Babic including one for Sopho Nizharadze in 2010 (Georgia) and two further songs for Portugal: Sobrevivo by Carla Moreno (2011) and Canta Por Mim by Catarina Pereira (2010).
He also wrote the lyrics to two Lithuanian pre-songs
Amor (Te Quiero Aquí) by Aiste Pilvelyte (2004) and Back In The Game by Rasa Kaušiute (2005).
- Thanks to João!

FDC Album
The studio versions of all the songs participating (12) are available through Amazon and probably other digital shops.
(Update) A CD version will be available from March 21. (RTP / Nucafe records)

RTP have uploaded the rehearsal videos to their Youtube channel here.

Baku Collection Frontpage

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Portugals recent Eurovision entries:
2011 - Homens Da Luta
2010 - Filipa Azevedo
2009 - Flor De Lis

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