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15. Ukraine - Be My Guest - Gaitana

15 - 65 pts / 8 - 64 pts in semi 2

Gaitana (or Gaytana) won the Ukrainian ticket to Baku with the song Be My Guest. It's the 10th Eurovision entry for the country (see below).
Download the song for free at Gaitana's Reverbnation or use the widget below. (the little arrow is for downloading)
Be My Guest, an English language song, is written by Gaitana herself and produced with Kiwi Project (Alex Nabrodov and Igor Nicolaev).

A few minor changes have been made to create the final Eurovision version. The new version can be found on the official CD.

Be My Guest - Eurovision version ♫
- on the Baku 2012 CD and CD Be My Guest
Be My Guest - Original version
- on promo disc as audio file and as download below
Be My Guest - Karaoke
- official Eurovision TV download shop
Be My Guest - Instrumental
- source unknown

Album Be My Guest
Gaitana has released a special limited edition 2 disc album to promote her Eurovision adventure. (top picture)
The set has a 10 track CD plus a second promo disc with audio's, video's and photo's.
The set is also used for promotion in Baku. I bought my copy at Ukraine music store UMKA.
See full tracklist below (Lavina Music LM CD 606).

Another promo is a presskit with 7 videos.

Album Viva Europa
Be My Guest can also be found on the album Viva Europa. (Viva, Європа).
The album also includes Gaitana's European Football theme (see below) and other sports related tracks like previous single You Are The Champion.
Most tracks are in Ukrainian.
The album is available through itunes. No details on a CD yet.

Kiev born Gaitana Essami (Гайтана Ессамі) is a soul and r'n'b singer who has released six albums since 2003. The most recent album is  Только сегодня (Tol‘ko segodnya, Only today) from 2010
She also released Best Of ballad collection Самый Лучший (Samyy Luchshiy) in 2011.
She sings in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

Baku Collection Frontpage

Viva Europa
Gaitana has also recorded an anthem for the 2012 European Football championships which are to be held in Ukraine and Poland this summer. The song Viva Europa is released in two versions: one solo and one with 16 football-crazy kids.

Ukraine's 10th Eurovision anniversary
Be My Guest is the 10th Eurovision entry for Ukraine. Since the country entered in 2003 with Hasta La Vista by Olexandr Ponomaryov they have scored a win (Ruslana's Wild Dances in 2004), and two runners up. Ukraine has never failed to reach the final.

NTU have uploaded the 22 21 national final songs on their website.
The clips have some talking and a part of each song. The full songs have also been added, you can listen to the songs here.

links and sources
Gaitana website
Kiwi Project at promo DJ

Ukraine's recent entries
2011 - Mika Newton
2010 - Alyosha
2009 - Svetlana Loboda

CD1 Be My Guest - album
1. Be my guest
2. Diamond ring
3. You are my everything 
- (long version)
4. I'm not useless 
- (long version)
5. I'll do it
6. Tonight
7. For me
8. I can't look back
9. Ne t’en vas pas
10. Tomorrow (feat. Gouache)

CD2 - Promo CD
- Bio
- Music:
1. Be My Guest (first version)
2. My Everything (edit)
3. I'm No Useless (edit)
4. You Are the Champion
5. Ne Idy (it's actually Ne t’en vas pas, same version as on the CD)
- Photo archive
- Videos:
1, Be My Guest
2. Diamond Ring
3. My Everything (Yuna Live!)
4. Shaleniy
5. Commercial trailer


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