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12. Romania - Zaleilah - Mandinga

12 - 71 pts / 3 - 120 in semi 1
Mandinga won the Romanian national final with the song Zaleilah. The song is written by Costi Ioniţă (producer) with lyrics by Elena Ionescu (lead singer) and Omar Secada Dihigo (band member). The song is sung in a mix of Spanish and English.

Listen to the song here at Mandinga's website.
Several versions of the song are available at the iTunes (US!) and possibly other digital stores.
The final Eurovision version / video is here at the tube.
You can now do the the Zaleilah dance. Check out this video to see how easy it is.

The cdsingle (top picture) has five versions of Zaleilah.
Zaleilah - Eurovision version
Zaleilah - Radio edit
Zaleilah - Extended
Zaleilah - Quentin remix
Zaleilah - Short radio version
plus info and video's (including the official clip)
(Cat Music 101 2766 2)
It's available at BeaRecords

There are two slightly different editions of the cdsingle. The difference is in the inner sleeve. One reads a few lines, label number and Exclusiv pentru Romania’, the other one reads Exclusive for Netherlands. I don't know yet if there's a difference in the disc too.

A French promo has 8 versions of Zaleilah.
Zaleilah - Radio edit
Zaleilah - Eurovision version
Zaleilah - Soundfactory radio mix
Zaleilah - Peet Syntax and Alexie Devillo radio edit
Zaleilah - Extended
Zaleilah - Quentin remix
Zaleilah - Soundfactory club mix
Zaleilah - Peet Syntax and Alexie Devillo club mix

Plus these (instrumental)  remixes have been released through your favorite digital sources:
Zaleilah - Soundfactory dub mix
Zaleilah - Soundfactory club mix instrumental

The song was first premiered in September 2011. Several versions have popped up since then:
Zaleilah - Eurovision version ♫
- Baku 2012 CD, cds
Zaleilah - Short Radio version
- iTunes release, cds
Zaleilah - Quentin remix
- iTunes release, ITZ soundcloud, cds
Zaleilah - Radio version / Radio edit
- as featured on Catmusic Youtube, cds
Zaleilah - NF version
- as uploaded by TVR
Zaleilah - Extended version
- iTunes release, cds
Zaleilah - Acoustic
- as featured on Catmusic Youtube
Zaleilah - karaoke version
- download shop
Zaleilah - Soundfactory radio mix
Zaleilah - Soundfactory club mix
Zaleilah - Peet Syntax and Alexie Devillo radio edit
Zaleilah - Peet Syntax and Alexie Devillo club mix
- on French promo cds
Zaleilah - Soundfactory dub mix
Zaleilah - Soundfactory club mix instrumental
- Soundfactory instrumentals are digital releases, promo's exist
Zaleilah - Bachata remix
- on CD Club De Mandinga (commercial edition only)

Sweden top 60: 48, 54, -
Austria top 75: 55, -
Germany top 100: 92, -

Club De Mandinga CD out on 22-05

The first edition of the Club De Mandinga CD is released in cooperation with magazine Libertatea on May 22 The CD is sold with the magazine in Romanian stores at a special price. (RON 9,99 = about € 2,25).
The album includes the radio version and Quentin remix of Zaleilah. See below for full tracklist.
No details on any further release yet.

Update:The 2nd edition of the Club The Mandinga CD has a slightly different tracklist and a new version of Zaleilah, the Bachata remix. (see below for full tracklist). This edition is the one in the shops. (Cat Music 101 2771-2)
You can listen to the Bachata remix at the Catmusic Soundcloud

10 Years Mandinga
On May 31, just a week after Eurovision, Mandinga will celebrate their 10th anniversary. A special live concert in the Club De Mandinga tour will celebrate 10 years of live music and original compositions. They will also release the CD Club De Mandinga which wil include Zaleilah.
More about the concert here (in Romanian)

Mandinga, also monikered Orchestra De Salsa Mandinga or Club De Mandinga started out as a latin jazz band with five members in 2002 and grew to a 10 piece salsa orchestra by 2006. Currently the band has seven core-members.
One former member we all know is Balkan Girl Elena Georghe who left the band in 2006 for a solo career.

Mandinga have released four albums: .... De Corazon (2003), Soarele Meu* (2005), Gozalo (2006) and Donde (2008). Their new album, Club De Mandinga is expected in May.
* Title track Soarele Meu was a national final entry for Romania in 2005 (4th place) with Elene Georghe as lead singer.

Romania selected the Baku 2012 entry through a national final on March 10.
15 songs were selected for the national final.
You can still listen to the songs here at TVR.

2013 Dutch singer Wesley Klein has released a Dutch version of Zaleilah titled Samen Dansen (Everyday Everybody) (translates as Dancing Together) Released on June 28.
It's the first track on a 3-track cdsingle (Berk music 6017541)
Wesley Klein website, the cds is available at SingleCDNL

A straightforward copy of Zaleilah is recorded by Kalia Zia. It's available in three versions through most digital sources but doesn't add anything to the original versions.

Baku Collection Frontpage

Tracklist Club De Mandinga CD, first edition with magazine
1.  Colours (03:11)
2.  Tu me das (03:43)
3.  Love (03:12)
4.  Party All Night Long (03:19)
5.  Sufletul zambea (03:10)
6.  Te quiero (03:20)
7.  Europarty (03:34)
8.  Zaleilah (radio edit) (03:38)
9.  Gimme Some More (03:00)
10.  Dame Dame (03:30)
11.  Dame Calor (03:27)
Zaleilah (Quentin remix) (06:15)

Tracklist Club De Mandinga CD, 2nd edition, commercial release

1.  Colours
2.  Tu me das
3.  Love
4.  Party all night long
5.  Sufletul zambea
6.  Te quiero
7.  Europarty
8.  Zaleilah (radio edit)
9.  Gimme some more
10.  Dame dame
11.  Papi chulo
12.  Dame calor
13.  Zaleilah (Quentin Remix)
14.  Kikiribu Mandinga
15.  Love is for free (Salsa Remix)
16.  Zaleilah (Bachata Remix)

links and sources
TVR Eurovision pages
Mandinga website
Thanks to STHLM MIX for the remix tip.
Thanks to Tom.

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