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5. Albania - Suus - Rona Nishliu

5 - 146 pts / 2 - 146 pts in semi 1

Rona Nishliu won the 50th Festivali I Këngës with the song Suus.
The song is the Eurovision entry for the contest in Baku and Rona scored the best result for Albania ever. The first entry in 2004 ended 7th.

The song was written by Florent Boshnjaku and Rona Nishliu herself.
Rona Nishliu is from Kosovo and is the first Kosovan singer to win the FIK.
Suus is Latin for It Is.

A new version of Suus has been recorded in Los Angeles in Captol records and Oceanway studios. The song was performed in Albanian at the contest.
Now listen to the new version here at the official Youtube channel.

A 1 track promo cd is issued, A DVD (top picture) has video clip, audio's (see below), photo's and bio's.

English Jazz Version
A new version of Suus can now be heard through this Youtube or Rona's Facebook.
The English version has a different arrangement from the original Albanian version.

Suus - Albanian Eurovision version ♫
Suus - English Jazz version
Suus - Karaoke (Eurovision version)
- All three as audio's on promo DVD
The longer original Albanian version as performed in the FIK has not been available in studio version.

Rona Nishliu appeared in the FIK of 2005 with the song Flakaresh performed with Vesa Luma and Teuta Kurti. It reached the final but ended outside the top 3. (results remian undisclosed). In 2004 Rona ended top 5 in Albanian Idol.

links and sources
FIK website by RTSH
Rona's Facebook.
Special thanks to ElonaMalosmani  at RTSH
Thanks to for the Torte Flamuri Shqiptar.

Baku Collection Frontpage

50 x Festivali I Këngës
In good tradition Albania picked their Eurovision entry in December through the Festivali I Këngës, in short: FIK.

Gëzuar Ditëlindjen Festivali I Këngës
Even though the country entered Eurovision for the first time in 2004, the FIK celebrates its 50th edition this year.

To celebrate this event there were four nights of FIK this year.
On 26 and 27 December there will be two semi finals with 14 songs each. Eight will go through the final.
On the 28th there wasa special night celebrating the festivals history

Albania has entered Eurovision eight times. Best place was 7th in their debut year 2004 with Anjezá Shahini's The Image Of You. Albania was in the Eurovision final five times.

Read all about Albania's recent Eurovision entries:
2011 - Aurela Gaçe
2010 - Juliana Pasha
2009 - Kejsi Tola

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