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Bulgaria - Love Unlimited - Sofi Marinova

11 - 45 pts in semi 2*

Sofi Marinova (Софи Маринова) won the Bulgarian ticket to Baku with the song Love Unlimited. The subtitles Lyubov Bez Granitsi (Любов без граници ) and Prosto Lyubov are also used.

The song is written by Yassen (Iasso) Kozev, Krum Georgiev and Donnie Vassileva.
The lyrics are in Bulgarian with a bit of Turkish, Greek, Spanish, Serbian, Roma, Italian, French, Azerbaijana and English thrown in.
You can download the song here at BNT

* Sofi Marinova and Tooji (Norway) scored an equal number of points, the  higher number of countries voting decided in favor of Norway to proceed to the final. (10 vs. 11)

Love Unlimited is released through digitessen like itunes and amazon. One track only (the original longer version).
A new website for Sofi Marinova is launched here.
The new official video is here at Sofi's website.

Rossko Guitar Remix
July 20 sees the official digital release of a new remix of Love Unlimited. It's the Rossko Guitar remix. It's a mix with acoustic guitar sounds and a summery feel. It's available through the main digital outlets.

Demo and Acapella
Some interesting versions of Love Unlimited can now be heard through the Youtube channel of Krum Georgiev, one of the composers of the song.
There's a demo titled Yale (full English version) which was recorded in 2009 and an acapella version.

A promo DVD has three versions of Love Unlimited plus five other songs, the Love Unlimited video and the national Final performance video.
Full tracklist:
1 Love Unlimited - Original mix
2 Love Unlimited - radio edit
3 Love Unlimited - Extended mix
4 Stay (remix)
5 You
6 Jelem Jelem
7 Vasilitsa
8 Queen
+ Love Unlimited - video

A second promo without picture sleeve, a cd-rom,  has 10 tracks and several videos:
1 Love Unlimited - Rossko Extended Mix
2 Love Unlimited - Final Mix (Eurovision version)
3 Love Unlimited - Instrumental Mix
4  Love Unlimited - New Instrumental
5  Stay (Deep Zone Project Remix)  
6  You
7  Jelem Jelem
8  Vasilitsa
9  Queen
10  Daniova Mama
+ Videoclips :
1 Ostani Stay
2 Vreme Spri
3 Love Unlimited Videoclip
4 Love Unlimited National Final Clip
+ a video about Bulgaria

Love Unlimited - Eurovision edit ♫
- Dowload at BNT website
Love Unlimited - Radio edit
- on promo DVD
Love Unlimited - Original longer version
- digital release
Love Unlimited - karaoke
- at downloads
Love Unlimited - Rossko Extended Mix
Love Unlimited - Instrumental Mix
Love Unlimited - New Instrumental
- Rossko and instrumentals on 2nd promo cd-rom
Love Unlimited - Rossko Guitar Mix
- CD album '2013', also digital release
Love Unlimited - Acapella
- A vocal only track can be heard through the Youtube channel of Krum Georgiev, on of the songs composers.
Yale - Original demo
- The original demo of Love Unlimited can be heard through Krum Georgievs Youtube.
- original and remix have been on youtube since december 2011

BNT, Bulgarian television uploaded the songs for the final of the national selection.
You can download the final songs here at the BNT Eurovision pages.

Sofi Marinova released a new album 2013 in March 2013 (Sunny Music). It includes two versions of Love Unlimited. Out on CD and digital.

Baku Collection Frontpage

Sofi Marinova's NF's
Love Unlimited is not the first attempt for Marinova, she has been trying to make it to the ESC stage on several occasions.
Bulgaria's debut year(2005) gave us a national final of scandal and disgrace, phonecard scams and what have you.
In the final Marinova and her singing partner Slavi Trifonov refused to sing their entry Edinstveni (that had done well in the semi) and they still ended 2nd.
In 2006 the duo tried again with Lubovta E Otrova but that song was disqualified.
In 2007 Sofi Marinova teamed up with Ustata for Ya Tvoya (I'm yours) and ended 3rd.

links and sources
Thanks to Craig and Jean-François

Bulgaria's recent Eurovision entries
2011 - Poli Genova
2010 - Miro
2009 - Krassimir Avramov

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