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Slovenia - Verjamem - Eva Boto

17 - 31 pts in semi 2

Eva Boto reperesented Slovenia with the song Verjamem (I believe).
The song is written by Vladimir Graić, Hari Varešanović (Hari Mata Hari) and Igor Pirkovic.

The songwriters:
Eurovision adepts know Vladimir Graić from Molitva, the 2007 Eurovision winner for Serbia he wrote with Saša Milošević Mare.
Hari Mata Hari entered Eurovision in 2006 with the Željko Joksimović song Lejla. He also won the Bosnia-Hercegovina selection with Starac I More but that was replaced for Eurovision for being released too early (by a different singer)

A new version was recorded for Eurovision.
The song remained in Slovenian at the contest.

Update: The cdsingle has seven versions of Verjamem (all marked * in the versions list below). The same tracks are released through digital sources. The cdsingle is now available at BeaRecords.
(RTS 112799)

Verjamem - Eurovision version * ♫
Verjamem - Original version
Verjamem - Karaoke *
- original and karaoke on CD Misija EMA 2012, see below
Verjamem - Instrumental *
Verjamem - Summer Club Remix *
U Kamen I Vodu - Croatian version / Serbian version *
- lyrics have been written by  Leontina Vukomanović. Several sources (like itunes) state that it is a Serbian version, but RTVSlo name it Croatian
Pure Love - English version *
- English lyrics by Nekterios Tyrakis
Pure Love - Kobo mix *
Search the Tube for English and Croatian/Serbian version, both are released on the (promo) cdsingle.

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EMA 2012
Slovenia selected two singers for their EMA final through a many week talent show selection.
The two artists that managed to stay in the race are Eva Boto and the duo Eva and Nika Prusnik.
Each had three songs in the EMA final on februari 26.

You can still listen to the six songs at RTVSlo. (link updated)

A CD with all six songs, their karaoke versions and some extra tracks has been released. It also includes the remix of Vanilija, the Slovenian version of the 2011 entry No One by Maja Keuc.

links and sources

Slovenia's recent entries
2011 - Maja Keuc
2010 - Roka Zlindere
2009 - Quartissimo

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